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TeniPuri Gift Exchange

Christmas 2006

TeniPuri Exchange
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So, what is PoT Exchange? PoT stands for Prince of Tennis, also known as Tennis no Oujisama or TeniPuri. This includes the TeniPuri manga, anime, OAVs, TeniMyus (musicals) and CinePuri (live action film). It does not encompass [insert actor from TeniMyu] in [insert different live action that is not TeniPuri]. Please, stick to TeniPuri, please. Exchange means secret exchange. Basically, I will assign you a person, you go check out said person's request list, and make something for them without telling them who you are. I will pair you up with someone who has requested something you are able to make.

What am I allowed to make? Nothing involving money. We are not a profit-site. ^^' Fanart, fanfiction, doujinshi, layouts, wallpapers, icons, AMVs, mood themes, colour bars, poetry... whatever other fan-based things you can think of! As for content, this site is yaoi, yuri, gen, het, whatever friendly. R and NC-17 rated materials are also allowed.

When is this exchange? I plan to have exchanges for Christmas, May Day, Halloween and maybe a general Summer one. They're evenly roughly evenly spaced so that there's something going on throughout most of the year.

Who can join? Anyone! The more people, the more work for me and Excel the merrier! Grab all your TeniPuri loving friends and get them to join too!

What's the point? To have fun! To make someone happy with your fan-materials! To share the love of ridiculously good-looking tennis players! To get a present and give a present without spending money!

How do I join in? Read the rest of the profile page.

Who's in charge of this thing? I, cluelesschase founded it, and now I co-run it along with reddwarfer.

Please abide by the rules, it makes everything run smoother!

1. Play nicely. =3 Please don't be rude to or about people. If you really want to do it, do it at their journal, and not this fluffy, warm community.

2. Type properly. I don't mind things like ^__^ or ♥ but DNT type lyk Dis coz ur mod'll get piddled. I do understand if English is not your first language and therefore your grammar may not be perfect though. It's not mine either.

3. Mod's word is law. End of. If you think you've been wronged, you can appeal to me in an email, but please don't start a comment war. I'm quite reasonable if you just pop me an email at nyargles [at] gmail [dot] com.

4. If you're rude or use net speak or are late posting with your gift without a decent reason, you get a black mark in my little book. Or rather, my excel sheet. Depending on the seriousness of what you did, you may either be disallowed from the next exchange, or banned from the community altogether once you get three 'black marks'. I don't want to do this, so be good!

5. Have fun! Your mod orders. >D

1) Join the community here and please watch us too, for important mod posts!

2) Fill out the form in the 'Sign-Up Form' section down below and comment to this post with the form. Remember to make your requests realistic! After all, if everyone requests AMVs and not many people want to make them...

3) Check the email you commented with around the 4th December when your assignment should be emailed to you. Don't forget to check junk folders and such! The email which is sending you the assignment will be from nyargles {at} gmail {dot} com and the name should be 'Chase Cassie Chase'.

4) Get cracking! Make your gift! And remember to refer to the additional rules for your particular medium, be it fic or art or graphics. If you need to ask any questions, make anonymous posts to their comment in which they posted their request. So you need to keep track of your comment too, in case anyone's asking you a question. Please fulfil their first request if you can.

5) When posting access is given, post your gift using the guidelines which will be posted nearer the time.

6) Remember to keep watch and say thanks to your secret exchange buddy! And it's also nice to comment on what everyone else has done too. =3

Name/Alias: [Name you want your gift to be directed to.]
LJ username: [Name of your journal.]
Email: [Somewhere you will check frequently so I can send you your assignment and any other desperate notices]
Media/um: [What you are willing to make.]
Prefer to do: [Preferences like 'manga only' or 'Hyoutei']
Will not do: [Things like, 'no [insert pairing]' or 'no Rokkaku' or whatever.]
Requests: [Up to three requests. Try and make them a bit different.] Please specify what media you want (if you want a fic or icons or whatever) unless you don't mind, in which case please specify that too.